Thursday, January 26, 2012

After One Year

High Fidelity

this is the prophecy

i claim for us, a

certain hollowness

decades from this now, an

uncertain hollowness

arriving unbidden

at a certain hour

the oblivious, entrail-bound,

iron chain dragging certain

moments through forever

this infinite and substantial death

tear-streaked meiosis

the very last atom of our love

eternally rending itself from itself


in this dream, i am your husband

in this dream i am on

a long sea voyage back to you

circe, this svelte, brown, dark-haired

woman, sad and wild,

exiled, even now, amidst friends –

the laughing drunken

doe-eyed nereids – for one sin,

her miscegenistic sorcery

nights in dark thrall, bestial heat,

stigmatic sperm enchanted

from the depths of shadow

tan island afloat

in the centre of the pandays’

bel air park pool, she emerges

in her narrow nymph’s hips’

soft pendulum a hint

of the magic of yours, her lips,

feline eyes, primal glint

her intoxicated, questing tongue


within the savage territory of my body

there exists a place

unassailably yours

veins that throb only

to the cadence of your voice

ant-free, sleeping spaces dreaming you

sparkless synapses

that blaze remembering your

lips upon my skin


a memory that i now make forever

that day at the museum

the pastel-toned photograph of

the conjoined house of frida & diego

the intertwined fingers

of ruel and dominique

a love yearning its own legend

its own ampersand


each night is an ethereal scab

over the ragged wound torn by dawn

and though the years – exfoliating – yield

in the wizened, withered core of some far tomorrow,

a green, germinating comatose dream

in that dream, i will be your husband

in that dream, i will

be on a long river voyage,

a long river voyage,

you eternally in my arms

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